Meet the Storyteller!

Kesha Christie is Storyteller who shares African and Caribbean folktales, Aesop fables and original works.  As an animated edutainer for all ages, Kesha ignites the imagination and carries her audience on an amazing journey from tale to tale.  Through her stories and workshops she interweaves history and motivational speaking.  With an emphasis on youth, her workshops teach communication and leadership skills.

Kesha is  a member of Durham Storytellers, Storyteller of Canada and is the founder of Talkin' Tales A Celebration of Afro-Caribbean Heritage.  In the Afro-Caribbean tradition stories are meant to be told orally to preserve culture,  demonstrate life lessons and promote unity.  Kesha brings together storytellers of all genres and local GTA Afro-Caribbean vendors annually, for an afternoon of family friendly edutainment and marketplace.