Live the Story

Stories tell where we come from and give insights into who we are.  There is something in a story for everyone.   We all have a story that dictates the choices we make, strengthen our beliefs and connect us  emotionally.

Storytelling through our history are the backbone of many cultures and is a popular practice among African countries and the African Diaspora.  The folktales we tell today were brought to the Caribbean and the Americas through the transatlantic slave trade.  Stories past down orally from generation to generation long before the written word.  The stories spoke of beliefs, myths, traditions and provided entertainment and fortitude.

Storyteller has many roles including historian, teacher and spokesperson to  name a few.

As a storyteller, we have the privilege of continuing the fruitful tradition of sharing the wealth in words, strength in culture and peace in friendship.

 Talkin' Tales preserves this tradition by expanding cultural knowledge through the art of Storytelling.